Beer & Cider Glass

Made for Brew!

or brewskies or cider or lager or pilsner or ale or IPA or stout or malt or hefewizen or marzen...

Water & Malt & Hops & Yeast...

" Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. ” - Benjamin Franklin


• Premium plastic beer/cider glass
• Designed to retain the carbonation and head of beer
• Crystal-like design
• Ergonomic thumb notch
• 100% Shatterproof & Reusable
• 100% BPA ( bisphenol-A ) FREE
• Perfect for everyday indoor/outdoor use


Width: 81mm
Height: 161mm
Mouth: 69mm
Volume: 473ml up to the brim


4 Pack Tote or Bulk 48 Glass Catering Carton


Hand wash only! Govino was designed for commercial use and can withstand most industrial glass sanitation systems
(1-2 minutes at 71°C). Since domestic dishwashers are so widely varied, we cannot claim our product is 100% "dishwasher safe."